News Corp. CEO Expects "Significant" Revenue from AI Companies Licensing Content

News Corp. CEO Expects "Significant" Revenue from AI Companies Licensing Content

News Corp is a major media organization that recently announced the launch of its new generative AI licensing system. The system, which allows customers to create and share original content without having to pay for a license, is based on a type of artificial intelligence called Generative Adversarial Network (GAN). With GANs, models are trained using vast amounts of data, giving them the ability to generate content similar to that in the source material.

As a result, News Corp’s new system enables customers to use their own content, such as photos, videos, or articles, to create artwork, audio, and other types of digital media without having to purchase a license from the company. This could potentially revolutionize the way creative works are produced, distributed, and consumed, as it gives users unprecedented control over how they choose to express themselves artistically.

The licensing system also has implications for copyright law. Since customers are not required to pay for a copyright license, News Corp will need to ensure that its customers’ creations are not infringing on existing copyright laws. Additionally, News Corp will have to develop a strategy for enforcing copyright infringement, as well as a procedure for disputes between creators and copyright holders.

Finally, this new system has implications for the entertainment industry and the way it produces, distributes, and sells content. By allowing customers to generate their own content, News Corp is giving individuals more control over how they want to express themselves and reducing the amount of cost associated with buying licenses and creating content from scratch. This could potentially open up opportunities for creators to create and monetize their own works, and thus further drive down the cost of producing and distributing content.

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