The Evolution of My Mario Kart AI [video]

The Evolution of My Mario Kart AI [video]

In the video, a woman shares her experiences of racism and discrimination in the workplace. She explains that she has faced multiple instances where she was treated differently than her white peers. Despite the fact that she was more qualified for certain positions in her workplace, her superiors regularly chose white people over her.

The woman also shares some advice on how to cope with these experiences. She suggests that it's important to remember your worth and not take any negative comments personally. Additionally, she encourages people to realize that racism is deeply ingrained in our society, so it's more important to recognize the problem than to blame yourself for it.

Finally, the woman reminds people that even if they don't directly experience racial microaggressions or discrimination, it's still important for them to fight against it. She believes that everyone should use their voices to speak out against injustice and be an ally to those who are facing illegal biases.

Overall, this video is a powerful reminder that racism is still very present in our society and that it's important to fight against it. It's crucial to remember that even if we don't directly experience racism, we must still strive to create a more equitable society for all.

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