Sachin Dev Duggal's Startup That Caught Microsoft's Eye and Why, a San Francisco-based startup, has just closed its latest round of funding from Qatar Investment Authority (QIA). The company has raised $250 million in this round, which values the startup at nearly 1.8x more than its previous valuation. This investment marks QIA’s fourth investment in US startups and its second in a venture capital fund. is a platform that helps software developers quickly create digital products, such as websites, mobile applications, and chatbots. It features an AI-driven automated process that helps users design, build, and launch new digital products at a fraction of the cost of traditional development. The company has also established partnerships with major technology companies such as IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft. This latest investment will give the resources it needs to expand its operations and develop new technologies to revolutionize the software development industry. The investment will also give the financial support to hire more developers, speed up its product development cycle, and reach new markets. With this investment, aims to become the world’s leading platform for software development and digital product creation.

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